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And Tonight will go on Forever

While we walk through the town like we own the streets

James Potter the 2nd
27 May
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ian somerhalder

Name: Sam
Age: 15
Your LJ: oblivious1728
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Name: James Potter numero 2
Age / Year: Erm...17? 7th.
Birthday: May 27.
House: Gryffidor
Possible LJ name: ...I'ma come up with something.
Possible PB: possibly Ian Somerhalder? I may find someone else though.

History and Upbringing: (What was your character like as a child? What were they raised to believe? What's their family like?) James as a kidlet was a bit of a handful. Raised by Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley meant great moral upbringing so he has his sense of right and wrong. At the same time, however, hes more of a rebel and was always a friend to trouble. His younger brother Albus looks up to him and his parents expect him to set a good example, but he at times gets tired of being in the Potter-shadow.

Current State of Mind:(Now that they are at school, what are they interested in? WHO are they interested in? Do they make good grades?) Having the Potter name came along with baggage. For James, nothing was easy, although he did his best to make it appear that way. But having every single person at your school know your parents history gets a bit annoying after a few years. His teachers hold high expectations for him because of his lineage, and he loves nothing more than rebelling and breaking the rules. He does fairly well in school and does get good grades regardless of his tendency to overstep the boundaries. As far as relationships go, he's a shameless flirt. He loves attention for being who he is not for being Harry Potter's son (which mostly explains his rebel-without-a-cause attitude). He wants to make a name for himself. James is captain for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team and has inherited his Seeker ability from his father.

Role In the Plot: James is the type of person that likes to live in the present. He, therefore, is scared as hell to leave Hogwarts and can't really figure out what to do with his life. He isn't actually sure that he wants to be an Auror, although he hears on an almost daily basis that he should considering it's in his blood (a phrase that he's grown to hate). He also has somewhat of an identity crisis--he doesn't want to just known as Harry Potter's son. He knows his father as the hero, but he wants to figure out who he is.